Manuel Castro: "Industry without the administration or healthcare provision will get nowhere"
23 June, 2021 por
Departamento de Comunicación
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"Industry without the administration or healthcare provision will get nowhere". This is how our Managing Director, Manuel Castro, supported the need for joint work between administration and business, so that Galicia can continue to be a leading reference in the field of healthcare innovation. He did so at a debate held in Santiago, which was also attended by Rocío Mosquera, president of Clúster Saúde, Patricia Fernández, director of the Services Area of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) and Antonio Fernández-Campa, manager of the Health Knowledge Agency (ACIS). In this analysis it was made clear that it is necessary to expedite the bureaucratic procedures and to continue to promote collaborative work so that Galician healthcare is not only a national but also an international benchmark for innovation.

The head of Customimplants® is clear that companies cannot afford to invest months of work in bureaucratic procedures to apply for a public tender or for a grant which implies advancing money to launch a project with the risk that the response for funding is finally negative. The modification of the public procurement law is a warhorse for companies and, although in the case of the Galician administration it’s been improved, some changes are still needed, as recognized not only by Manuel Castro but also by the head of Clúster Saúde.

The Managing Director of Customimplants® shares the opinion of the GAIN representative that no matter how much a company has an innovative culture, it needs agents that support it to carry out its projects and, within the healthcare field, these services also reach the patient. As explained by the head of Clúster Saúde, Galicia is committed to public-private collaboration in order to achieve innovative products, because the great challenge, according to Rocío Mosquera, is to reach the market as soon as possible. And this must be carried out in such a way that all patients, according to Manuel Castro, have access to these innovative treatments. In this sense, he stressed that "innovation is part of our company's DNA". "All patients have the right and must have access to customized solutions, and both the public administrations and the industry have the obligation to work together to provide them," he insisted.

The healthcare system, as analyzed in this debate on innovation, must face up to changes. The first, according to Manuel Castro, is to carry out its digital transformation. Thus, he recalled the contribution of Customimplants®, which works to put technology at the service of customized solutions for maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics and traumatology. "Digital transformation requires a cultural change," Castro López also added that the company is born-digital and has the clear aim of facilitating this necessary change with which to guarantee the efficiency and sustainability of the system. For Fernández-Campa, this change is necessary to attain a "more predictive, preventive and proactive" healthcare system. For this reason, the head of ACIS advocated a system that is an economic driver for companies and not only an expense or service provider. "In the Sergas we are an excellent demonstration center for the development of products" stated Fernández-Campa

Manuel Castro, as well as the representatives of the Galician administration, highlighted the importance of collaborative models to ensure that innovation reaches the patient through innovative treatments. The participation of Customimplants® in projects such as Living Lab Saúde confirms, in his opinion, the company's commitment to joint work between administration and industry. Also, he stated that we must continue working to implement innovative solutions that are already available to the patient and agreed with the representatives of ACIS, GAIN and Clúster Saúde that we must continue working in this line so that Galicia remains being a leading community in innovation.

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